A collection of blood between the chest wall and the lung or pleural cavity is a condition known as hemothorax trauma. It is caused primarily by blunt trauma that results in injury of the thorax. This injury ruptures a membrane in the covering of the lungs and allows for blood to spill into the pleural […]

Flail Chest

When a portion of the bone in the chest wall breaks due to stress and detaches itself, it is known as a flail chest. This condition is life threatening. It can occur when ribs are broken in multiple spots and causes a separation in the segment so that the chest wall moves on its own. […]


A collapse of a portion or of the entire lung is known as atelectasis of lung. This happens when it becomes airless. Absorbing oxygen into the bloodstream and removing carbon dioxide from the body is known as a gas exchange and is the primary function of the lungs. Alveoli are small sacs in the lungs […]

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis is an inflammatory disease that causes pain and inflammation in the spine‚Äôs vertebrae and the joints between the spine and pelvis. It can also cause pain in other areas of the body. Another name for this condition is rheumatoid Spondylitis. It is a form of arthritis that is chronic and has no cure. […]

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